Xzent navigation maps


XZENT's 2-DIN naviceivers offer top-level functionality by deploying the iGO Primo based navigation engine and guarantee relaxed travel throughout Europe.

3D rendering of terrain, more than 6.5 million premium points of interest, integrated TMC module, 3D Auto-Zoom, Eco and Smart modes, intelligent calculation of Real-time Route Alternatives, Parking around Destination, Congestion Detour – these features underscore the high level of navigation performance you get with the XZENT naviceivers.

Xzent navigation maps

Flexible map views

You can change the map view to individual preferences. Choose designs for day and night, view buildings in 3D, or change how points of interest are displayed.

Xzent navigation route planning 1

Intelligent route planning

So that you can optimize the route exactly as you want, you have a choice between various route calculation methods: short, fast, Eco and easy.

Xzent navigation route planning 2

Route alternatives

You can select from different route alternatives, or change the route planning method and parameters after you have selected a new destination.

Xzent navigation POI


XZENT naviceivers have a Premium POI database with 6.5 million entries. Using the well designed search menu makes it easy to select destinations. You can search by POI type – for example a hotel or filling station. But you can also directly enter the name of the point of interest, such as that of a restaurant or café.

Xzent navigation TMC

Avoid traffic jams

The TMC function keeps you up to date regarding potential traffic jams on the chosen route, while automatic re-calculation of a suitable detour is a function covered as well.

Xzent navigation search menu

Simple search menus

You can reach all parts of the navigation software from the navigation menu, for example: select your destination or start navigating on the map.

Xzent navigation

Intelligent destination input

To select a destination, you need to enter only a few letters – the XZENT naviceivers complete your input and automatically propose appropriate destinations.

Xzent navigation Where Am I?

Where Am I? function

Use the Where Am I? function to find hospitals, police stations, filling stations and much more in your vicinity – a finger tap is all it takes.

Xzent navigation Zoom

Real Junction

If you are approaching a motorway exit or a complex intersection and the needed information exists, the map is replaced with a 3D view of the junction.

Xzent navigation tunnel mode

Tunnel view

When entering a tunnel, the map is replaced with a generic tunnel image. The top-down overview of the tunnel makes navigation even more comfortable.

Additional functions X-302MH

Specially designed for use in motorhomes and caravans, the X-302MH is equipped with a special motor caravan/truck navigation software.

Xzent navigation motor home

Vehicle profils

To facilitate navigation, you can choose between different vehicle profiles so that the X-302MH is perfectly matched to your vehicle.

Xzent navigation caravan

Vehicle-specific data

By entering vehicle-specific data – height, width, length, weight, trailer, etc. – you can plan the route more effectively.

  • microSD card (8 GB) based 3D motor caravan navigation system
  • Detailed map coverage of 43 (X-302MH) or 47 (X-302BT MkII) European countries
  • Premium POI bundle with over 6.5 million destinations
  • Voice guidance in 28 EU languages, UI menu guidance in 28 EU languages
  • Realistic 3D rendering of terrains and landmarks, Tunnel-View, 3D Auto-Zoom for crossings and roundabouts, Real Junction View
  • Eco and Smart Route Planning, calculation of Real-Time Route Alternatives, Parking Around Algorithm, Detour Hint function, Driver Alerts, etc.
  • TMC receiver for free TMC data services (extendable functionality via separate TMC pay service providers, country specific)
  • 30 Days Latest Map Guarantee